27 July 2009

Golf Malaysia Magazine's Survey

Golf Malaysia Magazine conducted a survey to gauge the state of the Malaysian golf industry after six months into the year 2009. A total of 102 clubs responded to the survey, in which they were asked about the three worrying issues they are currently facing. Their answers are:
- Maintaining membership
- The increasing cost for course maintenance and improvement
- Ageing membership

Apart from that, clubs were also asked to put forward their counter-measures for the weak economy. Here are some of the special packages clubs will offer to 'fight' the weak economy:
- Membership fee reduction
- Pay-and-Play campaigns, in which everyone is welcome to play at the clubs
- The offer of term memberships for up to two years to prospective members
- The abolishment of waiting lists
- Attracting juniors golfers

What are your thoughts on the Malaysian golf industry? Send your responses to golfmsia@golfmalaysia.com.my!

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