20 April 2009

Getting to Know Golf Malaysia Magazine

Since 1980 – 29 years in providing golf information to golfers and advertisers


Print Run:
20,000 copies

National magazine – the leader in ASEAN region

Middle and upper income brackets (ranging from yuppies to senior executives, board of directors and politicians, as well as professionals)

The majority of Golf Malaysia readers are from the middle to high income group, have white collar occupations and have reached a higher standard of education with a minimum monthly income of at least RM5,000. They have the highest level of latest computer ownership, own a minimum of two cars, are credit/charge card-holders, have purchased at least two sets of golf equipment and travel overseas at least five times a year.

Recognised by:
  • Malaysian Golf Association (MGA)
  • Malaysian Professional Golf Association (MPGA)
  • Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MALGA)
  • Malaysian Senior Golfers Society (MSGS)
  • International Network of Golf Society, USA (ING)
  • International Publishers Cup, USA (IPC)

Golf Malaysia’s monthly coverage includes in-depth reviews of the local, regional and international golf arenas, easy-to-understand golf rules, golfing destinations/holidays, golfing fashion/lifestyle, latest golf equipment, golf courses reviews, easy professional golf tips, instructions to improve one’s game, current golf memberships, special golfing packages, industry trade talk and editorial opinions on relevant issues, where to play FREE golf, where to buy hot equipment and where to stay, to name just a few.

Accreditation to the US Masters:
As the National Magazine, Golf Malaysia enjoys the prestige of being selected as the only golf media in the Southeast Asian region to have accreditation to the US Masters in Augusta. With this accreditation comes exclusive tournament coverage for our readers.

Total Number of Clubs Receiving Golf Malaysia:
201 golf clubs with golf courses and 18 recreation clubs with golf sections throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, plus 17 golf clubs in Singapore and 7 in Brunei

Sales Distribution
  • Through golf club pro-shops
  • Major sports retail outlets
  • Major departmental stores (books/magazine section)
  • Selected newsstands including Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • Major hotel book shops and kiosks
  • Direct subscription – on individual order and through bulk order from golf clubs on behalf of their members
  • Direct order from golf tournament organisers – Golf Malaysia magazine subscriptions are given out as prizes to the winners and, at times, to all players as part of their goody bag items
Additional Exposure
  • Golf club libraries and lounges
  • Through Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as its in-flight reading material, domestically, regionally and internationally as well as in MAS Golden Lounges
  • Up-market trendy cafés
  • Selected Hotels

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